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April 17, 2018

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Paw - Death to Traitors

the real torry

Great podcast, thanks for including Paw. Still a fan over twenty years later. Mark’s a great individual and still stays in touch with Paw’s fans. Paw live are/were phenomenal, never disappoint.

Best music podcast


I'm super picky about podcasts, but these guys are awesome. Totally dedicated pros who produce a clean, insightful podcast every single week. Look forward to it every week.

The Goods.

Kent F.

If you're of a certain age, and like me, could talk about music until you're blue in the face, I encourage you to check out this podcast, it's awesome. The most recent installment, featuring a lengthy interview with one of my favourite artists, Matthew Sweet, is fantastic. In the back of my mind for years I always wanted to have a radio show on public or indie radio where I just talked about what I dug with a co-host/guests, but I'm too lazy to do the legwork. This is that show. I wish I could be on with Tim and Jason the hosts. We are brothers from another mother.

379 The Chinese Album by Spacehog