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Whitney Beehler is a fan of melodic rock.  Admirer of vocal harmonies and lover of the art of the power chord, most of the time I listen to music that settles into the broad Power Pop genre.  I'm not so much a jangle pop guy.  I like Pop-Punk and some Metal, too.Why am I like this?  My Dad played in a Country band when I was a kid.  I used to get dragged around to smelly, smoky local bars probably more than a wee lad should, but it helped me form a lifelong hatred of Country Music which I continue to treasure to this day.My sisters started listening to stuff like the Bay City Rollers and Rick Springfield and I think that's where I picked up the guitar pop love.  Then I got my own money and bought the first three Kiss albums (the "Originals" set), Cheap Trick and Van Halen, followed up by The Cars and later, Hair Metal.  I suppose it was nothing too out of the ordinary.By the late '90s and early '00s, I was sick of radio.  Using assorted computery skills, I created a streaming Power Pop station and associated web site.  This was back before Spotify and all the stuff we have today.  Bands would send me CDs, press kits, that kind of thing.  I'd rip and upload them and play a track or two on a programmed playlist ( and rotated tunes as often as I could.  I got lots of feedback which was great because this was music that I loved that never got much airplay on regular radio.These days, I'm just an ordinary, average family man trying to make a buck in IT.  I make listening to music as much of a hobby as I can.

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