Tim Minneci
J Dziak

Dig Me Out 

The 90s rock podcast.

We dig deep into the 90’s to reveal the unique story of the people, places, and albums that created the most controversial decade in rock music history.

The last great decade of rock music.

The violent collision of an alternative and mainstream culture marked the 90s.

The angst of 80’s underground became the aesthetic of pop music with a single seismic F chord. It’s wake consumed the business and art of rock music through the decade. Buried back underground, rock has never reemerged into the sunlight of pop culture.

Did the 90s kill rock music or preserve it’s credibility in a flannel-lined coffin deep underground? That isn't a question we set out to answer when we started the podcast. However, we find ourselves contemplating it regularly.

Our weekly album reviews of covered alternative rock started to reveal patterns. 90s rock albums are long. Sometimes pushing using every bit of the compact disk’s 74 minutes of running time. There was also a lot of them.

Major labels were lifting every rock to find the next Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Indie labels were thriving around the world and building baby bands into platinum selling artists. America, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia have revealed diverse local scenes that we’ve only begun to explore.

Deep dives into bands forgotten by most


Whether these guys are revisiting a monster like Guns N Roses or a criminally overlooked act like Triplefastaction, every episode tries to bring a fresh critical eye to albums that are often two decades old but sound as if they could have been released yesterday.

All these locations, songs, and people emerging in our weekly reviews begged for us to expand our scope of the show. There was a unique story here to tell that only time could uncover. A podcast was the perfect format to tease out the stories, connect the dots, and dig into the emerging themes.

Our album reviews still tend to skew to the obscure. We explore essential scenes, themes, and bands of the decade in our roundtable discussions. The artists speak for themselves in our interview episodes. We’re assembling a community of rock fans who are creating the oral history of 90s rock-n-roll.


We're building a community of people who share our love of 90s rock. 

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The Hosts

Tim Minneci and J Dziak founded Dig Me Out in 2011.

The show started by hitting the record button on their conversations of obscure 90’s records. It has spread to a platform for a community of music-nerds to discuss the people, places and albums that define the most controversial decade for rock and roll.

Tim and J met at Bowling Green State University while working at the campus radio station, WFAL, in the mid-90's. Beyond college radio their passion for music grew into a friendship centered on both appreciating and creating it.

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